The Deep Animated Series

01 Jun 2021

Alerting all fans of our Netflix animated series, we’ve been quiet for a spell, but there have been some… ripples behind the scenes. Updates will be surfacing soon! […]

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Lustration VR

07 Dec 2020

You thought life was hard? Well life after death can sometimes be harder. Adapted from the Gestalt comic book series, Lustration VR is a fantasy Noir story that takes place in a fictional after-world known as The Between. The pilot episode is now available through Oculus. In the pilot episode of Lustration VR, you get […]

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The Deep Teacher Resource at Reading Australia

21 Nov 2019

Reading Australia has published a tremendous Teacher Resource for our multiple award-winning all-ages graphic novel, The Deep: Here Be Dragons written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by James Brouwer and edited by Wolfgang Bylsma.   The Deep is that rare thing; an Australian comics success story. A concept that grew from a conversation into a pitch, […]

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Supanova Sydney 22-23 June 2019

20 Jun 2019

Gestalt is coming to Supanova Sydney! 22-23 June 2019 Gestalt Comics return to Sydney for Supanova 2019, and we are bringing some sensational guests along with us! At the Gestalt stand in Supanova’s The Alley you will find: Ryan Griffen Ryan is the creator of the smash hit TV series CLEVERMAN and we are delighted […]

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Cleverman creator brings new stories to life-after-death with Lustration

13 Sep 2018

Ryan Griffen, creator of the international hit Cleverman TV series, is developing new graphic stories at Gestalt with artist James Brouwer and editor Wolfgang Bylsma.   “Writing comics gives me the freedom that a film shoot couldn’t,” Griffen said. “The possibilities are endless in comics. There are no budget limitations; if you can imagine it, […]

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OzComic-Con Melbourne 9-10 June 2018

08 Jun 2018

Gestalt is coming to OzComic-Con Melbourne! 9-10 June 2018 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Gestalt Comics return to Melbourne for Oz Comic-Con 2018, and we are bringing sensational creators like Katie Houghton-Ward and Gary Chaloner, along with Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang Bylsma with us! We will have signings, limited edition books, and presentations on both […]

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Cleverman #1 wins Tin Duck award at Swancon 2018

09 Apr 2018

The Western Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards, known as the Tin Ducks, were presented over the Easter weekend at Swancon 2018. We are thrilled that Cleverman #1 was awarded the ‘Best Professional Production’ Tin Duck, and both co-writer Ryan Griffen and artist Emily K Smith were on hand to receive the award. Swancon is Australia’s […]

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Eldritch Kid: Bone War now available to pre-order on Kickstarter

06 Mar 2018

The Eldritch Kid is a weird western where every myth, magic and monster is real. The Kid, a gunslinger sworn to Odin the god of death and sorcery, and his partner, Ten Shoes Dancing, the Oxford educated Lakota shaman, are drawn into a feud between two paleontologists. The eerie severed head of Othniel seeks revenge […]

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Gestalt brings Cleverman Hunter Page-Lochard to OzComic-Con Sydney

30 Sep 2017

Gestalt is bringing Hunter Page-Lochard to OzComic-Con Sydney! We’re a little bit in love with Cleverman, it’s true. An astounding, socio-political science-fiction series that is rooted in aboriginal mythology. We loved it so much we chased down the rights to produce the official tie-in comic series that expands the story world from the TV series. […]

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