Variety has reported that the worst repo man in Los Angeles is back. Nearly 4 decades after its original debut, the 1984 cult classic Repo Man is finally getting an official, proper sequel from original writer-director Alex Cox. The movie, currently titled Repo Man 2: The Wages of Beer, is set to star Kiowa Gordon in the lead role of Otto (originally played by Emilio Estevez in the 1984 film).

According to Variety, “The film picks up after Otto has boarded his trusty 1967 Chevy Malibu to journey across the infinities of time and space. In that time he has aged exactly 90 minutes.” recently spoke to Alex Cox who discussed his previous attempts at continuing the story of Otto and Bud (Harry Dean Stanton), having originally planned to release a direct sequel titled Otto’s Hawaiian Holiday.

“It was a sequel that I had written in the 1990s to make on the 10th anniversary of Repo Man,” Cox says, confirming that Otto’s Hawaiian Holiday would have starred Esteves and Stanton along with the addition of Willem Dafoe. They even made a poster featuring the three actors to help sell the movie, which Repo Man producer Peter McCarthy took with him on a fundraising tour.

Fans of Gestalt’s output will likely be familiar with this story as the Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday graphic novel, billed as a “quasi-sequel” to Repo Man, adapted from the screenplay written by Cox and featuring artwork by Chris Bones and Justin Randall. You can order it here, with limited stock available.


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