Study Guides available for Gestalt titles include:

The Deep

Cover Art - The Deep Vol.1

Reading Australia have devised a study guide and lesson plan for The Deep: Here Be Dragons

The Deep: Here Be Dragons is the first story in Taylor’s and Brouwer’s The Deep series. In it, we are introduced to four members of the Nekton family, the latest generation of a long line of sea explorers, or ‘aquanauts’. Once some unusual seismic activity is recorded off the coast of Greenland, the Nektons travel there aboard their high-tech submarine, the Aronnax, to explore reports of a sea monster. Keen to uncover any answers the region may be hiding and discover if the reports are true, the family pull together all their resources and band together to both preserve and explore the real unknown that is the deep sea.”


NEOMAD Complete Collection - Cover Art

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) have devised a study guide for Neomad.

NEOMAD is made up of three comic book episodes and some related live-action videos. These are all also incorporated into an interactive version designed for tablets, containing animated comic book pages, sound effects, music and spoken dialogue. A feature of the dialogue is that it has been recorded and spoken by the actor-participants who play the roles both on the page and in the videos. Where Indigenous language is used.”