Gary Chaloner is an Australian Comic Book Artist and Writer who began self-publishing in 1985 with David de Vries, Glenn Lumsden and Tad Pietrzykowski under the Cyclone Comics imprint.

Chaloner has worked with and alongside a long list of Australian creators: Glenn Lumsden and Dave de Vries on The Southern Squadron; Tad Pietrzykowski on Dark Nebula; and Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith on Morton Stone, Undertaker. He has also worked with Chris Sequeira, Jason Paulos, Dillon Naylor, Greg Gates… the list goes on. All the while plugging away on his own stories and art for Flash Damingo and The Jackaroo.

In 2002, Chaloner said he “was honoured and lucky enough” to work with “the late, great Will Eisner”, developing new stories featuring Eisner’s early creation: John Law, Detective. First published online, Will Eisner’s John Law: Dead Man Walking was printed by IDW Publishing in 2004, which was the recipient of the Ledger Award for ‘International Title of the Year’.

Most recently, Chaloner has provided sumptuous illustration and colouring for Proud Heart: The Love of Achilles, written by Gary Proudley.


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