Skye Ogden is based in Perth, Western Australia after living in Tokyo, Japan for over a decade.

Skye made his graphic novel debut with Vowels, an extraordinary book which examines the human condition through eyes that aren’t human at all and serves as a gentle reminder to look at ourselves and all that we are capable of.

Skye has illustrated some unusual characters (zombies in Ancient Rome) for Gestalt’s Rombies series, written by Tom Taylor. This story ties together real life historical events and figures through theologies and empires, but with an important point of departure. Rombies leaves no one unscathed, be they citizen, soldier or the senate.

More recently, Skye illustrated the Wastelander Panda ABCTV iView series tie-in graphic novel, and Talgard and the Alethiomancer, which is featured in Talgard Tome One.