Based on Arrernte Country, Mparntwe – Alice Springs, Stick Mob is a creative collective who are passionate about creating stories.

Stick Mob was established as an outcome from Gestalt‘s partnership with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), resulting in a years-long mentorship for four First Nations teenagers that resulted in the publication of three graphic novels.

The Stick Mob collective includes:

Declan Miller

Declan was born and raised in Alice Springs, and is the driving force behind Stick Mob. He established the group while still in secondary school and has since worked on additional graphic novels and short stories while mentoring others. In January 2021, Declan was named ‘Centralian Young Citizen of the Year’.

Seraphina Newberry

Seraphina is a student in Alice Springs. She grew up in a family of famous traditional artists from the Luritja and Arrernte Lands of Central Australia, inspiring her to paint since the age of five. Seraphina says she creates graphic novels because “they make me feel good and relaxed; they take my mind off things!”

Alyssa Mason

Alyssa was born in Alice Springs. Her family is from Arrernte and Pitjantjatjara Lands in Central Australia. She started to draw seriously when she was eight years old. Her love of anime, shounen manga, fantasy and comedy books and movies influences how she writes and draws.

Lauren Boyle

Lauren’s family is from Alice Springs. She loves to write stories about dark fantasy/dystopian fiction and apocalyptic worlds. She has always loved reading and writing, and says “It’s a good way to get my head off things and just relax”. Her family is Arrernte and Jingili.