Talgard: Tome Two


In a world of swords and sorcery, Talgard is a barbarian whose brain is a greater weapon than his brawn, with wit as sharp as his blade.

A collection of short comic stories from the world of Talgard, each illustrated by an emerging or established Australian comics storyteller.

Written by Gary Proudley
Illustrated by Campbell Whyte, Queenie Chan, Sacha Bryning, Robert Buratti, Lauren Armstrong, Tatiana Davidson, Gary Chaloner, Louie Joyce, Cody Anderson, Sarah Boxall, Daniel A. Becker, Cristian Roux, Paul Mason, Jana Hoffman
Cover by Sacha Bryning
Colours by Justin Randall
Letters by Wolfgang Bylsma

ISBN: 978-1-922335-14-2
80 pages, full colour