The Momus Report – promoter of Australian graphic novel titles – reveals how Emmet O’Cuana fell in love with The Eldritch Kid: Whiskey & Hate:

“I would generally only trust the likes of Garth Ennis or Joe R. Lansdale on name recognition alone anyway – which is why Read’s line indicating that supernatural forces have been loosed globally sometime in the mid-1800s pleases me. Eldritch Kid is not limiting itself to a narrow plot involving isolated settlers fighting ghost Indians, or a vampire sheriff – its ambitions are far greater. Demons, gods, ghosts and ghouls crowd the panels of this miniseries, with anti-heroes Ten Shoes an outcast from his tribe following his time in England and the legendary ‘Kid, themselves straddling that dividing line between man and monster.” – Emmet O’Cuana, The Momus Report.

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