Christian Read with Wolfgang Bylsma at the Gestalt Publishing Booth, Oz Comic-Con 2012.

In just two days the Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate has sold out at the Oz Comic-Con, blowing away fans with its cast of characters that unashamedly break genre conventions.

This graphic novel by Christian Read and Michael Maier is an old West tale where every myth, monster and magic is real.

“The entire book is dripping with sepia toned antiquity, as though each page were covered in weak tea. Maier transported me to the wild west, a place which is immediately recognisable while having an eery overtone that warns of impending madness and certainly doesn’t fail to bring the insanity.

“The art work is incredibly well framed giving an overall cinematic feeling, panels don’t just focus on head or body shots but have a tendency to push right in on one particular area such as a bullet wound or dead, lifeless eyes.

“There is a distinct juxtaposition between the scratchy, underpolished line work of Maier and the thick, bold lines to separate each panel. This really does make the book feel like a big budget feature film or at least like it has the chutzpah to become one.” – The Geek of Oz

The Eldritch Kid is available now from Gestalt PublishingMadman and good comic stores.


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