This weekend, 24-25 September, the Sydney Showgrounds will play host to one of Australia’s finest pop culture events, and Gestalt will be there in style!

Sydney, this will be your first chance to meet the Indigiverse creators; Scott Wilson and Benny Eggmolesse, along with artist Katie Houghton-Ward and editor Wolfgang Bylsma. We’ll have limited copies of DARK HEART #1 available which the creative team will be signing, as well as a select few limited edition prints of the cover art!

Oz Comic-Con Sydney will also mark the first appearance of UNMASKED: THE SINISTER #1 by Christian D. Read, with artist Trev Wood also signing at the Gestalt booth. If you like your superheroes equal parts brutal and mythical then this is a book for you!

“Broken warriors chosen as champions by the Gods…but just how many shattered skulls and gouged eyes does the path to redemption demand?

AND… this is the first time that Sydney will see our sword-and-sorcery anthology series, TALGARD: TOME TWO, written by Gary Proudley with each four-page story illustrated by some of Australia’s finest comics talent — including many of the comics guests you’ll find in Artist Alley across the weekend! See how many you can get to sign YOUR copy.

Talgard is a sellsword. But a sword alone isn’t enough when you’re facing off against wizards, barbarians, monstrous creatures, and even gods. If he’s to survive, Talgard will need every ounce of his cunning and guile too. Follow talgard’s journey as he travels the realms, earns some coin, fights some foes, and maybe even imparts a pearl of wisdom (or two) on his apprentice, Tydral.

We hope to see you there!


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