Comic Book Heroes retrospective.

21 Mar 2016

Nick Dunlop is a Screen Director and Editor at Little Star Productions based in Perth, Western Australia. His award winning documentary ‘Comic Book Heroes’ debuted on ABC-TV in 2013 and now that a little time has passed, we thought it would be great to revisit the project and reflect. Nick, What got you interested in Gestalt […]

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Gestalt’s Editor-in-Chief featured at the Perth International Arts Festival

17 Feb 2016

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the life of an Australian comics publisher, beyond the story told as part of the Comic Book Heroes documentary, then the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) invites you to walk a mile in our co-founder Wolfgang Bylsma’s shoes. The PIAF event A Mile in My Shoes is […]

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Paul Gravett talks to Walled City creators

18 Jun 2014

Renowned comics journalist Paul Gravett speaks with Anne Opotowsky on the Walled City trilogy and her inspirations behind the beautifully told story which is sublimely illustrated by Aya Morton (book 1) and Angie Hoffmeister (book 2). The Walled City Trilogy follows three best friends, all of Chinese decent in Hong Kong, whose fates are intertwined […]

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Graphic Detail on ABC TV Big Ideas

13 Apr 2014

The Perth Writer’s Festival discussion, Graphic Detail, featuring Gestalt’s Wolfgang Bylsma, Justin Randall and Emily K. Smith, will be broadcast this weekend on ABC TV Big Ideas. With such a rich print history, do graphic novel’s translate well to the digital age? Gestalt’s personalities debate the concept with digital author/illustrators Anthony Sweet, Tyson Mowarin and Stu Campbell. The […]

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Beardy and the Geek interview Gary Chaloner

10 Dec 2013

This month Beardy and the Geek interview the renowned comics creator Gary Chaloner about his new book The Undertaker Morton Stone, which is set for release by Gestalt Comics in 2014, with the first digital issue currently queued for release with Comixology. Chaloner talks about the story line of Morton Stone and collaborating with Ashley […]

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Adam Ford talks to Christian Read about ‘Black City’

03 Oct 2013

Adam Ford posted his interview with Christian Read yesterday, about Read’s new novel Black City. Ford is intrigued by Read and wants to find out more about his thoughts on magic, the publishing game and making the distinction between writing novels and writing comics – here’s a sneak preview: FORD: What did you have in mind […]

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The ‘David and Goliath’ battle of Gestalt Comics

14 Aug 2013

Just before Comic Book Heroes went to air last night, its creator and director Nick Dunlop spoke with Jillian McHugh, entertainment and lifestyle reporter. In the interview, Dunlop said Comic Book Heroes really reflects the ‘David and Goliath’ battle of Wolfgang Bylsma and Skye Walker Ogden as they strive to compete in the comics […]

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