Melbourne-based comic book writer, Gary Proudley, unveils the latest in his sword-and-sorcery comic series with the release of Talgard: Tome Two.

TALGARD features Proudley as principal Writer and Creator, Wolfgang Bylsma as Editor and Letterer, and Justin Randall (30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella) as color artist.

An anthology series, TALGARD: TOME TWO collects nineteen 4-page stories starring the titular barbarian. Talgard’s content stands out amongst its Anthology peers with stories ranging from action-filled fables to explorations of post-traumatic stress, all while stretching the sword and sorcery sub-genre to fantastical degrees.

The core TALGARD team are joined by nineteen Australian comic artists, with a different artist for each of Proudley’s painstakingly molded scripts.

Proudley has the following to say about this upcoming release:

“What I love most about TALGARD is that it gives me the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s best comics artists, both established industry veterans and incredibly talented up-and-comers.”

Bylsma, Editor on the TALGARD series, added:

“TALGARD conveys something I find all-too rare in comics; at once heartfelt, with characters revealed through carefully chosen vignettes, while remaining a deftly observed deconstruction of tropes inherent in fantasy storytelling. Through the manner in which we see them, we come to understand the individual characters’ realities and, often, the grim rationale for their choices.”

The artists who have helped bring Talgard: Tome Two to life include:

Al Barrionuevo (X-Men, Teen Titans)

Campbell Whyte (Home Time I & II)

Dean Rankine (I Hate Fairyland, The Simpsons)

Brenton McKenna (Ubby’s Underdogs I-III)

Louie Joyce (Haphaven)

Paul Mason (Phantom, Flock)

Tatiana Davidson (Black Fish)

Queenie Chan (Fabled Kingdom)

Gary Chaloner (Will Eisner’s John Law)

Jana Hoffman (Lonely Giant)

Cristian Roux (Falling Star)

Lauren Marshall (Lana Leuka)

Tim McEwen (Greener Pastures)

Cody Anderson

Daniel A Becker (Master & Apprentice, Lobo)

Stefanie Palladino

Sarah Boxall

Robert Buratti

Sacha Bryning

TALGARD: TOME TWO is available from crowdfunding site ZOOP at


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