Broken Frontier have just published the first review of Gestalt’s Changing Ways Book 2:

“This 128 page sequel to 2010’s Aurealis Award winning original graphic novel, again, lusciously produced by Randall, has tightened the suspense and upped the drama. The original Changing Ways was, and is, a great horror tale, whereas this volume takes a slightly different turn. It’s not out of left field, but is a nice surprise, and it works. Volume 1 followed David Barrot, a mourning father in Grey Oaks who makes a new life with his wife, and two children, and then finds it unraveling in the darkness as strange markings show up on his, and others’, bodies.

“Being familiar with the first book is unnecessary, although recommended, but it’s difficult to say too much about Volume 2 without spoiling the surprises within.”

Read the full review by Kris Bather.

 Changing Ways Book 2 is now available to pre-order on Amazon.


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