The Deep: Here Be Dragons by Tom Taylor & James BrouwerWe are honoured to have won ‘Best Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel’ in the 2011 Aurealis Awards, presented 12 May 2012 in Sydney, Australia. The Deep: Here Be Dragons by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer co-won the category with Black Pepper’s Hidden by Mirranda Burton.

Three of Gestalt’s graphic novels made the finals for Australia’s best science fiction, fantasy and horror in the Aurealis Awards presented this year. For the Best Illustrated Book / Graphic Novel category, Torn and The Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate were nominated alongside The Deep: Here Be Dragons. Taylor and Brouwer’s title was also nominated for Best Childrens Fiction (Illustrated).   

Congratulations to all our Aurealis Awards nominees; James Brouwer, Andrew Constant, Joh James, Michael Maier, Christian Read, Nicola Scott, Emily Smith and Tom Taylor, as well as our behind-the-scenes production department including Wolfgang Bylsma, Gary Edwards, Nathan Martella & Skye Ogden.



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