Nocturne - Walled City Book 2The latest book in the Walled City trilogy has more than 400 pages of hand-rendered artworks by Angie Hoffmeister, delightfully illustrating the story tapestry of Book 2, Nocturne.

Written by Anne Opotowsky, Hoffmeister’s lush, hand-painted artworks depict the complex characters and culture of the Walled City beautifully.

Hoffmeister is an artist and freelance illustrator residing in Dusseldorf, Germany, who works with a variety of mediums, from watercolours to graphite and ink. Nocturne will be her first graphic novel.

Inspired by the infamous city of Kowloon in Hong Kong, the Walled City Trilogy details the coming-of-age and self-discovery of a trio of acrobatic amateurs, magic enthusiasts, who find  themselves on a profoundly moving odyssey until their destinies and that of the Walled City become one.

From Imperialist controlled Hong Kong and the British ruling classes to the Indian military, the ambitious dynasty influenced Chinese, and the coolie classes who struggle under the weight of power – the complex tapestry of character and culture conspire to create a labrynthine story that is deeply engaging.

His Dream of the Skyland: Walled City Book 1


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