Capsule Computers Logo IconIn the space of a week Capsule Computers’ Andrew Day has put out four positive reviews about Gestalt Comics’ books.

Day reviews two of Gestalt’s most popular series, The Deep and Changing Ways, and despite being starkly different in every possible way, he likes what he sees in both.

“…every once in a while it is an absolute treat to get to read something that makes my spine shiver and my skin crawl. Changing Ways: Book 1, by the incredibly talented Justin Randall not only accomplishes that desire I (and a lot of other people) have to be terrified, mortified and absolutely gripped, but does so with such intensity that it is impossible to put down. The tragic tale of Dave Barrot and his wife and daughter are expertly told with a story that will have you glued to the page, and artwork that deserves to be hung in a museum somewhere.”

> Changing Ways: Book 1 Review

> Changing Ways: Book 2 Review

> The Deep: Here Be  Dragons Review

> The Deep: The Vanishing Island Review


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