ComicsOnline’s Jayden Leggett has put together an insightful review of Bobby Nenadovic‘s ‘Digested’ series:

“A social commentary. An opinion piece. A journey of self-expression. An autobiography told through panels. Prepare yourself for a series that is vastly different to what you probably normally expect from the comic book medium. There are no spandex-clad superheroes here. Digested is Australian comic creator Bobby N.’s outstanding example of what comic books can truly be.

“The book itself is in a unique 6.5 x 7” size, which just on its own indicates that this comic is going to be something that deviates from the norm. Each issue is a collection of many different creative pieces. Every issue so far always contains the ongoing story titled Oxygen, as well as other non-related short stories. Issue 2 even contains a collection of short poems, while other books include Bobby’s interviews with other Aussie comic artists such as Tom Bonin and Paul Bedford.”

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