Beardy and the Geek review Broken Line

03 Nov 2013

This month’s Beardy and the Geek podcast sees Ryan Huff reviewing Gestalt Comics’ upcoming release Broken Line #1 by Andrew Constant (Torn) and Emily K Smith (Unmasked) A professed Andrew Constant fan, Huff likens the work of Constant and Smith to Spielberg’s Duel and the Mad Max movies saying “It has a sort of dream-like […]

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Capsule Computers’ Rave Reviews

12 Sep 2013

In the space of a week Capsule Computers’ Andrew Day has put out four positive reviews about Gestalt Comics’ books. Day reviews two of Gestalt’s most popular series, The Deep and Changing Ways, and despite being starkly different in every possible way, he likes what he sees in both. “…every once in a while it […]

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ComicsOnline review Bobby.N’s ‘Digested’

27 Oct 2012

ComicsOnline’s Jayden Leggett has put together an insightful review of Bobby Nenadovic‘s ‘Digested’ series: “A social commentary. An opinion piece. A journey of self-expression. An autobiography told through panels. Prepare yourself for a series that is vastly different to what you probably normally expect from the comic book medium. There are no spandex-clad superheroes here. Digested is […]

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Grit, sweat and super-villain realism

18 Sep 2012

The taste of grit, sweat and stubble in Christian Read and Emily K. Smith‘s latest graphic novel, Unmasked #2, is reflected through the latest Deer In The Xenon-Arc Lights review. “Comics don’t often play by real rules when it comes to the real societies that they set themselves in and Christian uses this book to call them […]

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The hiss and crackle of reviews: Changing Ways Book 2

02 Sep 2012

Deer in the Xenon-Arc Lights has given a crackling and almost visual review of Justin Randall‘s Changing Ways: Book 2 – “There was something else that struck me about the first book that continues here; to this day I’m still yet to see a book that does a better job with its sound effects. There […]

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Changing Ways “the definitive Australian graphic novel”

12 Jul 2012

Scaryminds gives Justin Randall‘s newly released Changing Ways Book 2 ten-out-of-ten stars in their review, saying Randall “might well be creating the definitive Australian graphic novel.” “Not quite sure how to describe it folks, while we’re talking pretty realistic renderings, there’s something slightly otherworldly about the pages that simply drips atmosphere. If Somerset Maugham had of done […]

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