Justin Randall talks to Capsule Computers

02 Oct 2013

Capsule Computers talk to Gestalt Comics’ creator Justin Randall about his books in the Changing Ways series. Here’s a preview: 1. Firstly I want to say that the two volumes of Changing Ways had me absolutely glued to the page. What inspired the story? Moths flying around a lightbulb is where it all began. Creatures […]

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Capsule Computers’ Rave Reviews

12 Sep 2013

In the space of a week Capsule Computers’ Andrew Day has put out four positive reviews about Gestalt Comics’ books. Day reviews two of Gestalt’s most popular series, The Deep and Changing Ways, and despite being starkly different in every possible way, he likes what he sees in both. “…every once in a while it […]

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