Unmasked #03 - Cover ArtBehind the Panels are excited about the third book in the Unmasked series.

In his review of Unmasked #3, Richard Gray “cracks open a gritty take on capes that flips the script on the bad guys and literally punches the heroes in the face.”

Unmasked is about a crew of super-criminals with powers who, under the guidance of a powerful boss, learn to become professional criminals and not merely villains. Despite making off with millions of dollars, it simply isn’t enough for Simon and Nancy, as they are just as much in it for the costumes and giggles as they are for the cash. Indeed, their sex life is fuelled by the risk-taking, and walking away from a life of villainy is a scary prospect in such a symbiotic relationship. In this third issue, an incarcerated Simon relates how he picked a fight with a hundred million year old demigod in the face for kicks, and finally pushed one of his crew too far.

Full of praise for Emily K. Smith’s artwork on the first two issues, Behind the Panels welcomes the “local legend Gary Chaloner” as a good match for Christian Read‘s script in issue three, despite the notable difference in artistic styles.

“It’s the little things that sell the images, particularly Primortal’s quizzical eye-brow raise as Simon comes at him with a baseball bat.”

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