Comics Art - Paul Gravett - CoverThe Tate Gallery in London is publishing a book by comics afficionado and reviewer Paul Gravett, which includes a feature page from Gestalt Comics‘ book His Dream of the Skyland.

Instead of sticking to the familiar Anglo-American-centric bias, Comics Art takes a more international approach, noting that in today’s comics culture there is a rise of publications that function as questioning, transgressive outlets for outsider stories and ideas, often silenced in other media.

Gestalt’s Editor-In-Chief Wolfgang Bylsma couldn’t be more pleased about the inclusion of His Dream of the Skyland:

“I’m absolutely delighted a page of artwork from His Dream of the Skyland had been chosen for inclusion by Gravett and the Tate Gallery – the illustrations by Aya Morton are truly works of sheer beauty and it is wonderful to have this particular work acknowledged in such a manner.”

The Tate describe Gravett’s new book as follows…

Comics have never been a more dynamic and challenging art form than in the 21st century. The phenomenal growth of graphic novels and manga and the explosion of comics on the internet and other platforms have given their creators unprecedented freedom to innovate. Many can enjoy widespread acclaim in the art world, literary circles and through their multimedia adaptations. Comics Art takes an international approach by tracing lines of influence around the world to give historical contexts and contemporary perspectives for this huge current interest in the medium.

Richly illustrated with many images taken from original artwork and rare artefacts, Comics Art gives a fascinating, accessible guide to some of the special properties of sequential art, such as panels, page layouts, speech balloons and wordless or ‘silent’ narration. It addresses concerns about how comics perpetuate stereotypes and support the status quo, while assessing their growing significance, notably through autobiography and reportage, as vehicles for provocative voices often silenced in other media. Comics Art also explores the diversity of styles, media and approaches now possible in the medium and exciting developments in digital comics and in comics conceived for galleries and installations. – quoted from ‘Down the Tubes

Comics Art is also being published in the US by Yale Press in February 2014

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