Broken Line by Andrew Constant and Emily K. Smith - the Beardy & The Geek review.

Broken Line - Cover ArtThis month’s Beardy and the Geek podcast sees Ryan Huff reviewing Gestalt Comics’ upcoming release Broken Line #1 by Andrew Constant (Torn) and Emily K Smith (Unmasked)

A professed Andrew Constant fan, Huff likens the work of Constant and Smith to Spielberg’s Duel and the Mad Max movies saying “It has a sort of dream-like quality, but not in the sense that it’s light-hearted by any means. It’s actually quite dark and horrific at times.”

Things get a little bit crazy and you’re not too sure if the man’s in control of the car or if the car is in control of the man.

What’s most important though, he loves it and wants more:

“What I love about it is that it kept me hanging, right at the end I’ve read through and I’ve thought ‘Goddamn it, this isn’t even released yet, so issue #2 is a long way away.’ And that’s a good thing! I got to the end of the book and I wanted more!”

The time marker for the Broken Line review is 6:43, but the program discusses all things Australian and Comics so it’s well worth listening to the whole show.

Broken Line #1 will be available through Comixology and other digital vendors soon!


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