The spectacularly good Perth Writers Festival is on this weekend and Gestalt Publishing will be sending some of our finest to a couple of the sessions on at the University of Western Australia’s Octagon Theatre on Saturday, 22 February.

At 4pm figurative sleeves shall be pushed up arms for Graphic Detail, the debate purists and lovers of the digital medium alike will enjoy (we hope!), as we explore the notion of what it takes to create the art and story that culminate in a great graphic novel – and is the digital age doing it justice?

Our Editor-In-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma, and author/illustrators Justin Randall and Emily K. Smith will be engaging in this debate with digital author/illustrators Anthony Sweet, Tyson Mowarin and Stu Campbell.

Later, same locale, at 5.30pm Bylsma, Randall and Smith are joined by director Nick Dunlop for a session on the ABC television documentary Comic Book Heroes which follows Gestalt Publishing’s story as Australia’s largest graphic novel publishing house.

Join us and MC Madeline Bates for a Q&A followed by a special screening.


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