Ryan Griffen, creator of the international hit Cleverman TV series, is developing new graphic stories at Gestalt with artist James Brouwer and editor Wolfgang Bylsma.

“Writing comics gives me the freedom that a film shoot couldn’t,” Griffen said. “The possibilities are endless in comics. There are no budget limitations; if you can imagine it, then it can make its way onto the page.”

Gestalt’s Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma, is delighted to be continuing the creative relationship with Griffen.

“Ryan’s sense of world-building is superb, and in Lustration he has multiple worlds to play with, all tied into intimate storytelling that has family at its emotional core,” Bylsma said. “Artist James Brouwer, perhaps best known as co-creator of The Deep books and animated series, is bringing his unique visual approach to the project, rendering Ryan’s vision with subtlety and grace.”

Set across different planes of existence, Lustration tells the story of two protectors of a realm where the dead go in order to cleanse themselves before crossing over.

The Lustration comic series will be available in print as well as in digital formats, with a release schedule to be announced soon.


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