At Comic-Con 2013, Ogden and Bylsma: soon-to-be-stars of 'Comic Book Heroes', screening mid-August 2013.
At Comic-Con 2013: Ogden and Bylsma, the soon-to-be-stars of ‘Comic Book Heroes’ (screening on ABC1 13 August 2013).

This year both founders of Gestalt Comics were present at Comic-Con International: San Diego, very fitting ahead of the soon-to-be-aired Comic Book Heroes, “the inside story of Australia’s most ambitious comic creators and their fight to conquer the American market,” (Comic Book Heroes)

Going to air in Australia on 13 & 20 August, 2013, the radical two-part documentary was taken over two years in Tokyo, Perth and San Diego.

“For six years, these Perth men have been producing mature, ground-breaking Australian comic books through their company Gestalt Publishing. They are publishing the likes of Academy-Award Winner Shaun Tan, and Aurealis-Award Winners Justin Randall and Tom Taylor. Other top-tier writers and artists from around the world are now clamouring to work with them. ” – Comic Book Heroes

Today is the last day of the 2013  Comic-Con International: San Diego.




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