Oz Comic-Con return to Melbourne on the 6-7th July, 2013 at the Royal Exhibition Centre, with a huge continent of Gestalt creators numbering amongst their special guests.

With TV and Film stars including William Shatner, Ron Perlman, and Cary Elwes,  Oz Comic-Con have taken their commitment to comics guests very seriously with local talent, including Gestalt’s own Andrew Constant, Justin Randall, Christian Read, Tom Taylor and Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang Bylsma, with extended Gestalt family/co-conspirators Tristan Jones, Nicola Scott, Greg McLean and Douglas Holgate in attendance

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne will also see the debut of the documentary Comic Book Heroes ahead of its scheduled TV broadcast date. Filmed over two years in Tokyo, Perth and San Diego, Comic Book Heroes tells the inside story of some of Australia’s most ambitious comic book creators – and their passionate fight to conquer the American market.

Sneak Preview: Melbourne Oz Comic-Con, Stage 3, 4pm on Saturday 6th July
ABC 1 Series Premiere: 10pm on Tuesday 13th August
Comic Book Heroes - Oz Comic-Con Screening


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