Gestalt Comics return to the Melbourne convention scene for OzComic-Con Homegrown this weekend, 11-12 December 2021!

With Gary Proudley running the Gestalt booth, you’ll also find a host of Gestalt creative talent on the show floor as well — including Tom Taylor, Katie Houghton-Ward, Jake Bartok and Mitch Collins among others!

We are excited to be back on the convention floor, sharing and talking about comics with people once again! We’ve kept ourselves occupied since our last convention, and are delighted to be unveiling new books at OzComic Con Melbourne.

Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s Republic is one of the most important works of both philosophy and political theory in the Western canon. Arguably the most famous section of the Republic appears at the start of book VII, The Allegory of the Cave, which explores the effects of education on how we perceive the world around us. The famous allegory is adapted here into the comics medium.

Using clear and concise story telling, this adaptation adds clarity and depth to the words of Plato. A beautiful keepsake for those with an interest in Plato’s work and an invaluable aid for students hoping to improve their own study and understanding of the great philosopher’s work.

Written by Gary Proudley (after Plato), with artwork by Mitch Collins and letters by Wolfgang Bylsma.

The More Things Change

A vision of the future, from our forthcoming science-fiction anthology, AXIOM.

A rainforest over 135 million years old is the only remaining hope for humanity… providing humanity can work together.

Written by Gary Proudley, with artwork by Cristian Roux and letters by Wolfgang Bylsma.

We’ve also gotten some fan-favourite titles back into print, which will be available again for the first time in too long a time! Including:


Since the dawn of time there has been speculation as to our origins, loosely mapped by worn markers in shifting sands. There exists, however, a perfect transcription of our true nature, our true destinies and potential. Yet the only person who can find it…

…stands in the way.

Sumptuous sword and sorcery fantasy storytelling written and illustrated by Katie Houghton-Ward, with colours by Kristian Krank and Sacha Bryning, and letters by Wolfgang Bylsma.

The Changing Ways Trilogy

Consistently selling out in stores and at conventions around Australia, we’ve reprinted Changing Ways Books I and III so Justin Randall‘s multiple award-winnning trilogy is now available again!

The new edition of Changing Ways Book I features all-new lettering by Wolfgang Bylsma along with refinements and revisions to nearly every page by the maestro Justin Randall himself!

We look forward to seeing you at OzComic Con Homegrown, Melbourne MCEC, 11-12 December 2021!


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