Walled City Pencil Art
Sneak peek at a pencilled page from Nocturne, illustrated by Angie Hoffmeister.

Renowned comics journalist Paul Gravett speaks with Anne Opotowsky on the Walled City trilogy and her inspirations behind the beautifully told story which is sublimely illustrated by Aya Morton (book 1) and Angie Hoffmeister (book 2).

The Walled City Trilogy follows three best friends, all of Chinese decent in Hong Kong, whose fates are intertwined with that of the city, as they become a revolutionary, a formidable member of the establishment and a powerful member of the Triads, Hong Kong’s mafia.

‘For the Emmy Award-winning American writer of books, films and documentaries, Anne Opotowsky, the vanished Walled City struck deep emotional chords. “It created incredible echoes in all I knew about human history. I see The Walled City in Imperialism, Orientalism, in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Africa, the American South and American West. The city, with its story, its people, their need to find a place, which though utterly anarchic, was home, became a powerful muse.”’

The interview originally appears in the Summer Edition of Art Review magazine.

> Read the full article with web-exclusive interviews by Paul Gravett.


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