The Eldritch Kid is a weird western where every myth, magic and monster is real.

The Kid, a gunslinger sworn to Odin the god of death and sorcery, and his partner, Ten Shoes Dancing, the Oxford educated Lakota shaman, are drawn into a feud between two paleontologists. The eerie severed head of Othniel seeks revenge on his rival, the upstart woman Drinker, who has the bones of a rare dinosaur that would bring any scientist fame and fortune. But in a world where the dead can rise, even hundreds of millions of years later, grave robbing monsters is powerful dangerous work. And this particular dinosaur has a secret it took to it’s grave.

Gunsmoke, black magic, mad science & terrible Satanic secrets of the Thunder Lizards. Eldritch Kid: Bone War is a new graphic novel on Kickstarter, written by Christian Read, illustrated by Doctor Paul Mason, and coloured by Justin Randall.

Bone War is the second volume in the Eldritch Kid series, following on from the best-selling Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate.


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