Nick Dunlop, editing the trailer for Comic Book Heroes
Nick Dunlop, editing the trailer for Comic Book Heroes

Just before Comic Book Heroes went to air last night, its creator and director Nick Dunlop spoke with Jillian McHugh, entertainment and lifestyle reporter.

In the interview, Dunlop said Comic Book Heroes really reflects the ‘David and Goliath’ battle of Wolfgang Bylsma and Skye Walker Ogden as they strive to compete in the comics industry:

“They’re so insanely committed to what they’re doing, they’ll struggle when they’ve got no money, they’re sick, when they have to get to the other side of the world,” Dunlop told Ms McHugh.

“The biggest issue for them is financial – it’s really expensive to print graphic novels.

“It costs them $20,000 to do a print run and the logistics of getting distribution and return dollars on the sales is very slow.”

Mr Dunlop, also a comic book collector, said Australia’s comic book market – worth $20 million a year – pales in comparison to the US market, which is worth $700 million a year.

And a share of that $700 million is hard to get when 90 per cent of the US profits are in the hands of four companies.

The full interview with Nick Dunlop has been published by, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Comic Book Heroes airs in two parts, the first aired on August 13 and part two will go to air on ABC 1 on August 20.


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