Gestalt at OzComic-Con Perth

30 Mar 2016

OzComic-Con comes to Perth on the 2-3 April, 2016 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. International media and comic guests such as Karl Urban and Freddie Williams will be joined by an array of local talent, including Gestalt’s own Andrew Constant, Justin Randall and Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma. Limited Edition Comics We’ll have limited edition […]

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08 Mar 2016

Fly marks a noted departure for writer Andrew Constant, whose other titles tend towards darker themes; among them his reverse-werewolf story, Torn, and the V8 existentialism of Broken Line. However, Fly, once described as Astro Boy meets Iron Giant, portrays an unconventional love story involving robots, bombs, meteors and terrorists. The way true love should […]

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28 Feb 2016

Getting a glimpse at someone else’s studio can be hugely inspirational. Today we get to peek inside the workspace of Changing Ways​ award-winning writer/illustrator Justin Randall! Justin was kind enough to take us on a tour of the different workstations in his studio and break it down for us. Overview A) Coloured lights. The main […]

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22 Feb 2016

Ant has grown up surrounded by adventure and at no point has he realized his life is far from the norm. Growing up as an aquanaut, Ant shows almost no fear or trepidation when trying something new or potentially dangerous. He is quick to step inside the ‘White Knight’ and go exploring by himself whenever […]

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Creator Profile: James Brouwer

21 Feb 2016

Brisbane-based illustrator James Brouwer has worked as a pre-production and concept artist on a range of film, TV and games projects for companies such as Space Age Films, the Disney Channel, Krome Studios and THQ on franchises including The Clone Wars and The Avengers. Brouwer moved into comics in 2011 with The Deep: Here Be […]

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Gestalt’s Editor-in-Chief featured at the Perth International Arts Festival

17 Feb 2016

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the life of an Australian comics publisher, beyond the story told as part of the Comic Book Heroes documentary, then the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) invites you to walk a mile in our co-founder Wolfgang Bylsma’s shoes. The PIAF event A Mile in My Shoes is […]

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15 Feb 2016

Flinch is our award-winning anthology of short comic stories by established and emerging creators, all playing on their interpretation of the theme; flinch. Gorgeously wrapped in evocative cover art by the incomparable Shaun Tan, Flinch includes stories to inspire wonder and question the darkness within. The anthology includes new material from creators such as Tom […]

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