The Example: This Weekend’s ‘Must Read’ Digital Comic

01 Nov 2013

Pipedream Comics recommend The Example as a ‘must read’ digital comic this weekend. The Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson creation centres around a man and a woman on a railway platform as they discuss a left-behind briefcase, a far more engaging story than the synopsis hints – and Pipedream Comics agree: It is that slice […]

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‘The Example’ on ComiXology

16 Sep 2013

The eleven-page masterpiece by Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson, The Example, is now going to be digitally available on ComiXology. The Example is a comic based on a script written by Tom Taylor at the beginning of his professional writing career and illustrated by Colin Wilson – who was won over and pushed aside other projects to illustrate Taylor’s […]

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‘The Example’ receives Polish language edition

15 May 2013

The Warsaw Book Fair, 16-19th 2013, will play host to the launch of the Polish language edition of Tom Taylor & Colin Wilson‘s The Example, to be published by Poland’s premier comic publishing house, Wydawnictwo Komiksowe. Taylor was pleased at the prospect of more readers finding their way to his first published comics work. “The […]

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The Example by Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson – Reviews

25 Sep 2009

A couple of wonderful reviews have recently surfaced for The Example – the catalyst for the Brief Cases project.  Click the site names for the full reviews. “This Schrödinger’s Cat scenario is explored comprehensively via Taylor’s rhythmic dialogue. Sam and Chris riposte to and fro with the sort of casual offhandedness afforded to transient relationships. […]

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Colin Wilson Provides ‘The Example’.

13 Feb 2009

Ten pages of dialogue between two characters who just stand and talk to each other would normally have me running in the opposite direction, quickly. The Example was different…. SAM Early Sketch of Sam Sam seemed more knowledgeable, more in touch with her surroundings, and I saw her as having a very definite look. The […]

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