Brutally Good: A Review of Sebastian Hawks’ First Release

27 Nov 2013

We’ve just read a glorious review of Sebastian Hawks’ pre-release digital comic at ComicsOnline. Sebastian Hawks and the Loch  Ness Monster is our first ever publication under our DiezelPunk partner imprint AND the first ever appearance of Sebastian Hawks and his trusty offsider Benoit. Needless to say, we’re extremely pleased that this story has been so […]

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Wolf Creek director offers unique investment opportunity for his graphic novel

08 Nov 2012

Wolf Creek‘s director Greg Mclean is embarking on a new project with Gestalt Publishing which is offering a unique ‘buy in’ opportunity to help raise funds to get the project up and running. The crowdfunding is not for film production but for a graphic novel about a swashbuckling Victorian-era adventurer called Sebastian Hawks – and […]

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