Grit, sweat and super-villain realism

18 Sep 2012

The taste of grit, sweat and stubble in Christian Read and Emily K. Smith‘s latest graphic novel, Unmasked #2, is reflected through the latest Deer In The Xenon-Arc Lights review. “Comics don’t often play by real rules when it comes to the real societies that they set themselves in and Christian uses this book to call them […]

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The hiss and crackle of reviews: Changing Ways Book 2

02 Sep 2012

Deer in the Xenon-Arc Lights has given a crackling and almost visual review of Justin Randall‘s Changing Ways: Book 2 – “There was something else that struck me about the first book that continues here; to this day I’m still yet to see a book that does a better job with its sound effects. There […]

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