Talking Global Comics at San Diego Comic-Con

15 Jul 2013

Gestalt Comics’ Tom Taylor and Wolfgang Bylsma will be part of an international panel Global Comics at this week’s Comic-Con International: San Diego. Taylor (Creator of Gestalt Comics’ The Deep and lead writer on DC Comics’ Injustice) and Bylsma (Editor-in-Chief, Gestalt Comics) join Moderator Sohaib Awan in a discussion centred on the challenges and potential stories global […]

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Changing Ways “the definitive Australian graphic novel”

12 Jul 2012

Scaryminds gives Justin Randall‘s newly released Changing Ways Book 2 ten-out-of-ten stars in their review, saying Randall “might well be creating the definitive Australian graphic novel.” “Not quite sure how to describe it folks, while we’re talking pretty realistic renderings, there’s something slightly otherworldly about the pages that simply drips atmosphere. If Somerset Maugham had of done […]

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Rare chance for Anne Opotowsky fans

09 Jul 2012

Fans of His Dream of the Skyland will have a rare opportunity to get their books signed by multi-award winning writer Anne Opotowsky at this weekend’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. From 3pm on Saturday, Opotowsky will be at Gestalt booth (#2001) to meet fans and sign copies of her latest work. Opotowsky’s career spans […]

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