Second Edition of Flinch in September

14 Aug 2013

The first print run of Flinch has completely sold out following its promotion in the television documentary Comic Book Heroes which went to air on ABC1 last night. Gestalt’s engaging book of graphically depicted stories plays on interpretations of ‘flinch’: from traditional to non-traditional hauntings, facing the ‘other’ within ourselves … the stories are told […]

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A fondness for tentacles

13 Apr 2009

As I mention in my bio, I like tentacles. I also hold a respected fondness for that silently creeping uneasiness that Lovecraft penned so well.. and when I was given the chance to illustrate Christian’s tale of this very author’s impact on an impressionable mind, well, I grinned… drunkenly I’m sure. In keeping with Christian’s […]

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