In a world of swords & sorcery, Talgard is a barbarian whose brain is a greater weapon than his brawn, with wit as sharp as his blade.

“A series of epic, well constructed fantasy stories, told in four pages, that never feel condensed and are always a joy to read? Two, please!”

Andrew Constant

“Talgard is the kind of smart storytelling that can reinvigorate a genre. A smart, strong, creative hero for a modern audience.”

David Quinn

“An epic collection of fantasy stories like blades, each with a different weight and shine, and all of them brutally lethal”

Ryan K. Lindsay

A sword & sorcery anthology series with a difference.

Each four-page story is written by Gary Proudley, and illustrated by a different artist, including some of the best comic illustration talent Australia has to offer!

Each story is edited and lettered by Wolfgang Bylsma, with colour wizardry implemented by Justin Randall.

The stories are first published online as free-to-read webcomics on Gary Proudley’s website, ahead of being collect in luxurious print editions.

Each TOME print collection also includes insights into production techniques.

Why Sword & Sorcery?

“Sword and sorcery is a setting that lets you explore the fantastical elements of magic, and the very human elements of the people who wield it. The what if, and the what is.”

Gary Proudley