Throughout 2018 and 2019, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation supported a series of graphic novel workshops for four aspiring teenage creators in Alice Springs, with mentors Wolfgang Bylsma and Brenton McKenna. 

The results of these workshops were three graphic novels; Mixed Feelings, Exo Dimensions, and Storm Warning, written and illustrated while the creators were still in high school.

These books address topics such as climate change, intergenerational trauma and healing, and two-way cultural learning against the backdrop of life in Central Australia. 

The creators were also inspired to establish their own studio and share their knowledge with others, and so they formed Stick Mob Studio.

“Every page brings with it another shocking, startling, hilarious, devastating revelation”

– Campbell Whyte

“It’s exactly the kind of compelling I want in my stories, with the pace as fast as the movement of your eyes as you scan from panel-to-panel racing to the next climax.”

– Maria Lewis

Books by Stick Mob creators