The Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate is half Lone Ranger, half Supernatural and all balls-to-the-wall awesomeness.

Capsule Computers, Andrew Day

Bleak, moody, spectacularly action-packed and cathartic, Whisky & Hate is a smart, blackly funny yarn that will astound lovers of genre fiction and witty mash-ups.

Now Read This, Win Wiacek

The Eldritch Kid is a critically acclaimed supernatural western graphic novel series written by Christian D. Read.

Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate features artwork by Michael Maier.

Eldritch Kid: Bone War features artwork by Dr Paul Mason, with colours by Justin Randall.

An old West where every myth, monster and magic are real.

Ten Shoes Dancing is a shaman of the Lakota people and an Oxford scholar. Riding shotgun on a group of pilgrims heading West, he encounters the dime novel hero known only as the Eldritch Kid. Famed as a hero and champion, sadly, the Kid isn’t all he seems.

Books in the Eldritch Kid series