“A land of atmosphere and character where Justin Randall has masterful control of the fearful and the cryptic. He creates a world where participation is more than intellectual. You have to feel your way through this dark, twisted saga and let the revelations flow over you.”

The West Australian newspaper

An Aurealis and Gold Ledger award-winning graphic novel series written and illustrated by Justin Randall

David Barrot, a retired Corrections Officer, moved to Grey Oaks after the tragic death of his son, Cale.

With wife Lucy and daughter Jessie, the Barrot family bought a farm on the outskirts of town and began their new life, putting aside all the dark events of their past.

Unfortunately for them, the dark just won’t leave David alone…


Gold Ledger Award, 2011

Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Work/Graphic Novel, 2010

Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Work/Graphic Novel, 2017

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