Once a professional juggler and fire eater, Tom Taylor is now a multi-award-winning playwright whose comedy, drama and musical works have been produced across four continents (it’s hard to get a gig in Antarctica).  However, theatre, like crime, doesn’t pay.

Fortunately, Tom has found his way into writing TV, film, radio, magazines and, his favourite medium, comics.

As well as busily writing ‘Brief Cases’ (A book that will change lives), Tom is the writer of Star Wars: Invasion, a new Dark Horse Comics series, which is being illustrated by his good friend, Colin Wilson.

Not all of his attention is turned to a galaxy far, far away though.  Tom is also working on a number of other original comic book projects, and ‘White Dove III’ and ‘96,000m’ are set to be published in ‘Flinch‘ – coming May through Gestalt Publishing.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tom is working on several film, theatre and television projects.

Tom writes so much that sometimes he goes a bit numb…

Tom’s website: