Lark Case Files Book 3: Ghost City


The Lark Case Files Book 3

Christian Read

Lark messed with the Devil and paid the price.

Exiled from The City, he’s wandering the land looking for safe haven. Without allies, friends, his old places of power, that seems real unlikely.

So when he notices someone using his own personal sorcerous symbols, he can’t leave it be.

Is someone looking for him? Or luring him into a trap? Or just stealing his best moves? Any which way, it’s nothing he can leave be.

Now he’s in a small town, somewhere he’s never been before. But Crosscut is dying. Everyone is sick, nothing is well. Even the ghosts are feverish.

And Lark is right where someone wants him. He’s made enemies his entire life, but the one who hates him most of all, he never even met.

Lonely, desperate, Lark will have to face off with a magician who knows him well.

A magician who hates him like poison.

And something else, hidden down in the black earth, waiting.

Lark’s never been this vulnerable. Which means he’s never been this desperate.

Alone in a Ghost City.

Written by Christian Read
Cover Art by Justin Randall

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