Lark Case Files Book 1: Black City


The City is rife with cults, covens and cabals.
Broken-glass curses and occult rites in the back of bars.
Magical symbols written in whisky and cigarette smoke.
Ritual muggings and street-rat divination.
Two cults have gone to war and unleashed something that doesn’t belong here.
Something old and wicked.
Something that has found itself an apostle; a girl who spreads black magic across the city with graffiti she barely understands, unwittingly placing a curse on the entire town.
Enter Lark.
He used to police these kinds of wars for the Library, the biggest coven in town. But that was long ago, before he fell from favour.

Now he works the fringes, selling his services for pocket-change and knowledge.

So when the new head of the Library, his ex-girlfriend Scarlet, approaches him to investigate these new conflicts, all he sees is a payday and an opportunity to prove himself to her again.