Cleverman #2


Written by Ryan Griffen & Wolfgang Bylsma

Illustrated by Jake Bartok

Cover by Emily K Smith

In the near future, creatures from ancient mythology have emerged and must co-exist with humans.

Known as ‘Hairypeople’ they must live amongst humans and battle for survival in a world that wants to exploit and destroy them.

Maliyan’s search for Yulu leads to blood.

Waruu conspires to improve conditions for inhabitants of The Zone, human and hairy alike. But at what cost?

Boondee and Araluen make a decision that will shape their lives forever.

25 pages, full colour

ISBN: 978-1-922335-00-5

This all-new story expands the world from the Cleverman TV series, which is broadcast on ABC TV in Australia and SundanceTV in the USA.

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