The Complete Changing Ways Trilogy


The entire multiple award-winning Changing Ways trilogy now available with special bundle pricing.

Changing Ways I

How do you trust someone when you no longer know yourself?

David Barrot, a retired Corrections Officer, moved to Grey Oaks after the tragic death of his son, Cale.

With wife Lucy and daughter Jessie, the Barrot family bought a farm on the outskirts of town and began their new life, putting aside all the dark events of their past.

Unfortunately for them, the dark just won’t leave David alone.

The first sightings started months ago, igniting rumours of disease and infection. Newspapers reported unusual lesions appearing on livestock and stories of strange side effects spread quickly.

Perhaps it was inevitable that the people of Grey Oaks would be next...

These are their Changing Ways.

Written & Illustrated by Justin Randall

ISBN: 978-1-922335-16-6
Fourth Edition. 120 pages, Full Colour.

Changing Ways II

Ten years after the tragic events that shook the small town of Grey Oaks, the world has become a very different place.

Their mother is gone, their father has abandoned them, and Jessie and her younger brother, Alex, are living as outcasts from society in an isolated corner of rural Mexico.

With their only friend, an alcoholic bartender from The Last Stand tavern, and a mysterious stranger called Ron, they must locate Yaqui Indian Don Candillo to survive an impending invasion that threatens to bring their entire world to a brutal end.

These are their Changing Ways.

Written & Illustrated by Justin Randall

ISBN: 978-1922023032
128 pages, Full Colour, Cover w/ French Flaps & UV Spot Varnish.

Changing Ways III

There’s a headless corpse in their hallway and the clerk at the Trinity Moons Motel was eaten by wild pigs.

After that the night took a real turn for the worse.

Now Lucy Barrot finds herself alone in a strange hospital and her missing husband is a suspected serial killer.

She’s got a marking on her stomach that has the town talking and the local Church folk want answers.

That’s the last thing she remembers before they took her to Roch House.

Written & Illustrated by Justin Randall

ISBN: 978-1-922023-97-1
120 pages, Full Colour.