‘Twain’ by James Barclay & Chris Bolton

21 Feb 2009

Jed and Aram are brothers but their bond goes far deeper than that. They are Twain. Two halves of a circle that contains a powerful, destructive energy. Each knows the fury within him, desiring it and loathing it in equal measure. Each knows that if the circle is broken, that force will be set free. […]

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‘The Ride Home’ by Anton McKay

16 Feb 2009

A radio attached to the handle-bar of his bicycle, our inebriated Listener rides home from a Saturday evening at the pub.   As the voices of a late-night talk-back programme crackle in the cold air, The Listener’s imagination conjures faces and pictures while he continues on his journey.  Eccentrics and insomniacs, an egotistic presenter, Sir Harry […]

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