Beardy and the Geek interview Gary Chaloner

10 Dec 2013

This month Beardy and the Geek interview the renowned comics creator Gary Chaloner about his new book The Undertaker Morton Stone, which is set for release by Gestalt Comics in 2014, with the first digital issue currently queued for release with Comixology. Chaloner talks about the story line of Morton Stone and collaborating with Ashley […]

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A fondness for tentacles

13 Apr 2009

As I mention in my bio, I like tentacles. I also hold a respected fondness for that silently creeping uneasiness that Lovecraft penned so well.. and when I was given the chance to illustrate Christian’s tale of this very author’s impact on an impressionable mind, well, I grinned… drunkenly I’m sure. In keeping with Christian’s […]

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A strange old house on a chill autumn evening…

25 Feb 2009

A lifelong fan of comic books and the graphic novel form, I’m delighted to have “The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap” given such a faithful and classy treatment by Skye Ogden. I’ve always been interested in exploring and re-working the elements of the traditional ghost story, and “The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap” was an early attempt to do […]

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