In a gothic metropolis of the Dead, a Necromancer learns that secrets never die.

Nil-Pray is the city of the Dead, where those who cannot rest in the grave come to exist forever. Although even the Dead find reason for strife.
In the wake of a terrible world war, the ancient, solitary Nil-Pray rejoins the world.

Edmund Carver, professional sorcerer, fleeing a foolish past, is employed as one of the few living ever allowed to enter the city. He must work closely with the ancient, eerie inhabitants as they seek to engage once again with the breathing world. But his arrival in Nil-Pray may be the spark that causes the city to burn…

As the Carnal and Spectral factions begin to war on each other, Edmund becomes the target of conspiracies, plots, and ancient ambitions of creatures sunk deep down in death.
Nil-Pray, a weird fantasy from acclaimed author, Christian Read.

Read is a Ledger Award winning writer, who has worked on graphic novels such as The Eldritch Kid, Unmasked and Karnak, along with his occult/noir novels Black City, Devil City and Ghost City. He’s also worked in the games industry on titles such as The Secret World, Hand of Fate and Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade. Nil-Pray is his fourth novel.

Nil-Pray is released in eBook format on the 5th June 2016 through Amazon and SmashWords.