Rombies Legio Ex Mortis

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Chapter 1, Page 2

We are delighted to announce that a new series set in the world of Rombies is now well into production and is scheduled for publication in 2016.

Rombies: Legio Ex Mortis is written by Christian Read and illustrated by Jason Goungor, with the story examining the rise of a zombie legion in ancient Briton.

Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor-in-Chief of Gestalt Publishing said, “We’ve had our eye on Goungor for some time. He was at our official company launch in 2005 and we’ve followed his work since. It was a matter of having the right project to send his way, and when Christian pitched Legio Ex Mortis, we felt it was a perfect fit.”

Christian Read, writer of Rombies: Legio Ex Mortis is hugely impressed with the pages coming through from Goungor, “Jason’s creepy, restless lines and his dark-adapted eye make him just the man for this job. As we go into the hellish world of Roman imperialism, Celtic resistance, and the fierce bastard sorcery that’s summoned a sadistic legion of dead men, he’s the perfect artist to envision it. A bold new career is starting right here. Get on the bus!”

Rombies: Legio Ex Mortis

70 AD and the fierce battle for Britain continues. The pitiless Roman Empire, the greatest military machine in history, spreads to the uttermost West, to the end of the world – to Britannia.

While the Celts do what no other nation has done before it. It continues an armed resistance, pitting savagery against ruthlessness, fighting desperately to remain free.

Twenty years ago, young Legionary Sextus was unable to keep the vicious Ullixes from going rogue. Even to the hardened Romans, Ullixes was considered a mad beast. His atrocities were beyond number. So vile a man was he that Sextus secretly contacted his sworn enemy, the Wolf, a Celtic Warrior Queen. Together, their armies put down Ullixes and his renegade Legion is a deadly battle, burying them in Druid-cursed land.

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Chapter 1, Page 10

And for twenty years, Sextus and the Wolf have warred against each other, their truce forgotten.

But the earth has no taste for something as foul as Ullixes and has spat him and his dark Legion out. Undead, still burning from their execution fires, the Legio stalks Britain, attacking Roman forts and Celtic free lands alike, sparing none in their endless hunger for flesh and pain.

Two sworn rivals, older, with twenty years of hate between them, must unite and free the land they want, the land they love, from this scourge.

Twenty years of bitterness against supernatural evil that threatens all life in the green lands of Britannia. It should be an easy alliance. It won’t be.

Not even in the face of the Legio Ex Mortis.