Devil-City-140x215Following the success of Christian Read‘s acclaimed debut novel, Black City, Gestalt are pleased to announce that a second novel in the Lark Case Files series, Devil City, will be available next month.

Gestalt’s Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma, has been absolutely delighted with how well Black City was received.

“The decision to publish Black City as a novel was a calculated risk,” he said. “But with trust in Christian as a writer of the highest calibre, it quickly became apparent that there was a lot more to the world he was building than just one book.”

Read was enormously excited to have the second novel commissioned.

“Artistically, it’s both challenging and gratifying to return to and slowly build up the complex and magic-shadowed world. And to build on the troubled relationships that littered the first book,” he said.

“Devil City is a story about the mythologies everyone makes of their lives, even the characters that litter our legends.
And it’s about how loneliness shapes us and hurts and strengthens us. Lark, our protagonist, has some tough calls to make concerning what he thinks are tenuous friendship and alliances.”

Devil City, featuring stunning cover art by Justin Randall, will be released as an eBook on the 5th July 2014.